Pale – Pronunciation Guide

The following is the pronunciation guide for Pale: An Unabridged Production. Thanks to the folks at the old Pale audiobook project for letting us use their guide.

Maricica – marry-CHEEka (

Guilherme – geel-AIRm (roll the r a bit if you can) (

Alpeana – al-PEE-na

Belanger – BEL-an-jer (the English pronunciation, not French, confirmed by Wildbow)

Declan – DEC-lan

Durocher – Do-ro-shir (like whir but sh)

(Milly) Legendre – Le-jen-dir

Tymon – Tie-Mon (tie as in necktie, mon as in pokemon)

Talos Tay-loss – (tay as in taylor)

Ulysse – You-lis (e at the end is often left off, silent)

Eloise – El-oh-EASE Amine Ah-mean. (same as Ulysse, e is typically left off, silent)

Metaphaos – Met (like net) a (say ‘ahh) pha (like fae) os (as in dental floss)