Pronunciation Guide

The following is the pronunciation guide for Worm: An Unabridged Production.  Interlude narrators, as well as the main narrator, are highly encouraged to refer to it when faced with a word they don’t know how to pronounce.


Thanks to the folks over at Worm: A Full-Cast Production for letting us use their guide.


Aisha: aye-EE-shuh


Astaroth-Nidhug: ASS-tah-roth, NEED-hug


Azazel: uh-ZAY-zul


Bakuda: BA-koo-da


Behemoth: ba-HE-muth


Campanile: camp-uh-KNEEL-ay


Chevalier: shev-uh-LEER


Echidna: eh-KID-nuh


Eidolon: EYE-dow-luhn


Gesellschaft: geh-ZELL-shaft


Glaistig Uaine: GLASH-tig oo-UHN-ya


Glaurung: GLAU-rung


Hebert: HEE-bert


Ingenue: on-jeh-NEW


Laborn: LAY-born


Marquis: Mar-KEY


Melusine: MEL-ooh-seen


Nilbog: NILL-bog


Oni Lee: oh-KNEE LEE


Panacea: pan-uh-SEE-uh


Parian: PEH-ree-uhn


Piggot: PIG-oh (silent T)


Pythios: PEE-thee-ose


Rinke: RING-keh


Sabah: saab-AH


Simurgh: SEE-morg


Scion: SAI-uhn


Vikare: VEE-car-uh